If you dig deep enough, before the books of Genesis and before God was called God, you’ll stumble upon another character and her story – the unwritten fable of Lilith. 

In short, she was Adam’s first wife, who happened to be a little too much ‘crazy’ for him, all too free and a hell of a lot more independent. Lilith was the Garden of Eden’s first woman and after proving to be too hot to handle for young Adam, she was replaced by our more familiar, submissive, and ‘second-creation-to-man’ Eve, then being omitted from the history books altogether.

After Lilith was banished from Babylon for her sassy ways, Adam’s plea was granted for a more chilled out (submissive) wife. Lilith didn’t hang around, going on to become the Queen of the Damned and mother of all demons. She grew into the underworld’s angel, and completely liberated herself from the shackles of God’s way. A bold and sexy-as-hell demonic icon, representing everything desired and hated.

Self expression and celebrating individuality without the oppression from naysayers is what we can get behind and our lounge is an ode to that essence.

With this in mind we called Drygate Brewery, to create our House Beer as an indulgent clink to the first Queen of Decadence. Lilith’s Brew is a 4%, riotous and bold, Bohemian style IPA, brewed in the heart of Scotland with aromatic hops.

If you’re going to take the intoxicated fall from grace, do it in a blaze of glory and good taste.


Join us for a cheers to Lilith, with our bespoke brew at our Hotel Lounge Bar
233 Cowgate, Edinburgh

Asa Rodger